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Introducing Talent Support: A New Service Line

Good Insight is thrilled to announce the launch of our new consulting service, Talent Support, in response to the growing needs of small- and mid-sized nonprofits seeking to hire mid- and senior-level talent. Talent Support gives clients an HR boost as they tap into Good Insight’s extensive hiring and human resources knowledge at an affordable price.

Adding Focused HR Capacity to Fill Open Positions

Many small- and mid-sized nonprofits that don’t have internal HR expertise find it difficult to keep up with hiring demands in today’s market. Last year, at the height of the Great Resignation, Good Insight tested the market feasibility of a new service line by surveying nonprofit executives in our target market to identify their greatest hiring pain points. 

Here’s what we learned.

  • Most respondents felt that their applicant pools had well-qualified people in it. 

Key Takeaway: most didn’t need full-service, one-to-one recruiting support.

  • Most respondents felt that conducting screenings and interviews was the most time-consuming part of their hiring process. Most said that they struggled to keep applicants informed during the process. 

Key Takeaway: coordinating schedules, screening candidates, and knowing what to ask requires more time and expertise than these nonprofits have.

  • The top areas that respondents felt would be beneficial to their hiring efforts were:
    • A complete candidate sourcing plan, including relevant job boards and advertisements.
    • Feedback on a job description, including reviewing language for inclusivity.
    • Training and resources on equitable hiring processes for the hiring team.
    • Handling all applicant communications, including email inquiries, application receipt, scheduling interviews, and declining those not moving forward.
  • The issues that could impact respondents’ decision to invest in talent consultant services were: 
    • The service would save me time
    • The consultant provides a level of expertise I currently do not have on my team
    • The consultant provides a racial equity frame my organization doesn’t have

Designing an Offering with our Ideal Client In Mind

Good Insight has a goal to remain accessible to small- and mid-sized nonprofits. Given these insights from nonprofit executives, we began to refine a service model to meet these ideal clients where they are.

Drawing from Good Insight’s successful retained executive search services, where project fees typically run an industry standard of a third of the incoming executive’s compensation, Talent Support is a partial project focused on the aspects of the hiring process folks need the most support – sourcing, screening, and communicating with candidates to uncover a short list of applicants for our clients. Because we believe in building organizational capacity, every project receives Good Insight’s resources on equitable hiring processes and some of our favorite questions to ask during interviews. 

Talent Support uses a flat, sliding-scale fee structure that ranges from $8,000 to $15,000. We are able to deliver our high quality service at this reduced cost  by not including one-on-one recruitment and by not participating in client interviews. All candidates are sourced via job advertisements, digital outreach, from our extensive database,  and our newsletter that reaches thousands of jobseekers.

Visit our Talent Support page to learn more about services and pricing.

Who is Talent Support For? 

Talent Support is a great option for nonprofits who don’t have an HR department, or whose HR staff are early career professionals, in transition, overwhelmed, or on parental leave. Good Insight’s Talent Support team supplements your current staff to give you the boost required to get the talent you need.

Talent Support clients are typically small- to mid-sized nonprofits that need support filling mid- to senior-level positions in administration, operations, finance, programs, and more. We work across a wide range of positions, industries, and budgets. We have helped clients fill positions for Operations Managers; Grants Managers; Directors of IT; Directors of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; and more.

While Talent Support may be the right fit for some, other nonprofit roles require a specific level of expertise, advice, and recruiting effort found exclusively in our retained executive search services. As a result, the following roles are not typically eligible for Talent Support:

  • Executive Director and/or CEO roles
  • Fundraising and/or Development roles
  • Positions paid over $100,000 per year

Clients interested in these services should reference Executive Search Services for more information on our full-cycle recruitment services for senior- and executive-level placements. 

To start the process and learn more about our Talent Support and Executive Search Services, please email us at

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