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Welcoming Kate Dykgraaf to the Good Insight Team

The Good Insight team is pleased to announce the addition of Kate Dykgraaf as our newest Director of Search. Kate brings an extensive background in leadership development, program management, and urban development to Good Insight’s search practice. Kate is passionate about bending systems towards equity

Welcoming Janice Simsohn Shaw to the Good Insight team

We are excited to introduce Janice Simsohn Shaw as our newest Consultant for our search practice. Janice is an accomplished facilitator, consultant, and advisor for social justice-focused foundations, donor collectives, and executive leaders. Janice will work closely with our clients to help them gain clarity

Erin Lau_Search Associate of Good Insight

We are pleased to introduce Erin Lau to the Good Insight team!

As Good Insight’s new Search Associate, Erin brings a wealth of experience in operations, program management, and process improvement to our team. She’ll serve as a project manager for searches, refine our recruitment strategies, and help screen and interview candidates — ensuring our clients find

Good Insight Welcomes New Senior Search Consultant

We are pleased to introduce Ginna Goodenow-Schirf as a new member of the Good Insight team this spring. As a Senior Search Consultant, Ginna leads client engagements to plan leadership transitions and recruit qualified executives to meet their needs. “I am thrilled to join the

HumanitiesDC seeks next Executive Director

Good Insight has been retained by HumanitiesDC (HDC) to conduct a national search for its next Executive Director. Founded in 1980, HDC has a mission to enrich the quality of life, foster intellectual stimulation, and promote cross-cultural understanding and the appreciation of local history for

5 Practices To Recruit Racially Diverse Nonprofit Leaders

Diversity is about more than just checking a box. Nonprofit leaders are reexamining how they embed their commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion into their operations. Over the past few months, current and past clients have reached out to Good Insight to discuss how to

Good Insight: A Year in Review

Right before leaving my office on December 31st last year, I shook a Magic 8 ball I kept at my desk. “Will my business grow next year?” I asked it.  “Outlook Good,” it replied. While 2020 was a hard year by every definition, my family