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Good Insight CEO featured on Charter School Superstars

“There is a lot of fear on both sides of succession planning, both on the board’s side as well as the leader’s side. No one feels like they can bring up the topic.”

Good Insight CEO Carlyn Madden sits down with Ryan Kairalla of Charter School Superstars to talk about succession planning for charter school boards.

Succession planning is important for charter schools and other organizations because the process requires organizations to preemptively make decisions about what will happen when an executive transition occurs. Facing these questions ahead of time will prepare the board to manage the transition comfortably, and allow the organization to focus on the opportunities a new executive can bring.

Executive transitions are inevitable, but often organizations avoid the topic entirely. Good Insight aids clients in creating a customized succession plan, documenting the policies and procedures to be enacted in the case of a sudden or planned transition. We tailor each engagement to your needs, covering areas of role delegation, financial preparedness, internal communication, and stakeholder engagement.

To listen to the podcast, click here.

Charter School Superstars is a weekly interview series featuring the incredible teachers, administrators, students, policymakers, social entrepreneurs, and other voices that are leading an education revolution. Host Ryan Kairalla is an author, educator, lawyer and consultant dedicated to seeking innovative solutions in the media and education industries.

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