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Emergency Management Checklist – safeguard your nonprofit

If you are anything like the nonprofit leaders we know, you are completely prepared for an emergency. You know exactly what to do, who to call, where to find it. You got this.

But does anyone else?

Our simple emergency management checklist is designed specifically for nonprofits. Use this tool to document all the things you need to ensure the organization can keep running if you’re out of the office for an extended period of time, be it COVID-19, a sabbatical, parental leave, eldercare, a long trip to Tahiti (we can all dream).

Not only will it help you sleep at night, your board and employees will be better prepared for your absence.

Tip: keep cybersecurity top of mind while you’re filling this out. If you’re putting all these suggested documents in one digital place, can you secure the drive with an access password?

Also, consider using a digital password manager for your team. Make sure you’re not writing down the passwords and send them via email – it makes it too easy to get hacked.

We would love to hear if this tool is helpful to you, as well as any other resource you might need to be a great leader in this moment in time. Share your thoughts with us at

Is your organization prepared for an emergency?

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