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Calm Candidates Give Better Interviews

Job interviews are stressful. Even in the best circumstances, they can be subjective. Can organizations make great hiring decisions without the best available data? Just think about it. Strangers judge a candidate’s fit based on off-the-cuff answers about a wide range of topics. The hiring

Picture of puzzle pieces with one popped out with the word "Equity" on it

How to Frame Your Experience Advancing Racial Equity During Interviews

The majority of Good Insight’s clients are nonprofits that serve historically marginalized BIPOC communities. They seek out our services because of our commitment to anti-racism. By going beyond “diversity, equity, and inclusion” frameworks, the Good Insight approach aims to address systemic barriers to advancement for

People Over Process: Creating a Caring Hiring Culture

The Great Resignation is rebranding as the Great Reshuffle. According to Forbes, more than half of the 4.4 million workers who quit their jobs in February 2022 switched occupations or fields rather than left the workforce. But why are so many leaving their jobs in

Four Things We Wish Our Future Clients Knew

Nonprofit employers have never faced such a competitive labor market in recent history. What we’ve been calling the Great Resignation is apparently actually a Great Reshuffle, as workers are leaving their jobs for new opportunities in related or new fields. Recruiting the right talent is